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Harrisoni La Mer Villas La Mer Island Summary

By Almal Investments  |     La Mer Island

Property Type: Villa
Unit type: Villas
Size: Updating Soon
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The name of a special and uncommon coral that inhabits this land. The Harrisoni La Mer Villas design combines Mediterranean flair with Arabic customs and includes some essentials that are impossible to find in a modern home.

The architects designed this facility with the most discriminating clientele in mind, making it adaptable, practical, and well-thought-out. The villa is designed for any occasion, offering the highest level of luxury, whether it is for business, leisure, sports, or family vacations.

To achieve a mix of futuristic and natural aesthetics, the external finish combines glass, metal, wood, and textured natural stone. The villa's distinctive geometry is also impressive, with pergolas and translucent features balancing its tiered construction, polished contours, and crisp lines.

In addition to outfitting the Harrisoni La Mer Villas at La Mer Island with fine furnishings, the designers had the difficult challenge of establishing an inspirational space that would allow guests to decompress, refuel, attain Zen, and savor life's small pleasures. Every room's aesthetics were carefully thought out, and the interior design skillfully combines luxury, elegance, and simplicity in every tiny detail.

The home is still under development, and reservations are required for each visit. Customers are provided with a 40–60 payment plan for their convenience.

Almal Harrisoni La Mer Villas's design, from the patio to the rooftop lounge, combines Arabic traditions with a carefree European lifestyle. Anticipating the needs of even the most discerning clientele, the architects created a functional, adaptable, and thoughtful setting. Every circumstance is made comfortable, whether it's for work, play, sports, social gatherings with friends, or family holidays.

The architecture of Harrisoni La Mer Villas In Dubai achieves a pleasing balance between classic historical elements, contemporary designs, and understated beauty. Glass, metal, wood, and textured natural stone make up the majority of the materials used for the exterior finish, which harmonizes the building's look with both natural and futuristic aspects. The villa's geometry is especially remarkable; pergolas and transparent elements complement its hard, tiered design, and graceful curves.

The designers' mission was to create an inspirational space where guests could detach from the outer world, replenish their inner energies, find Zen, and fully enjoy life, in addition to furnishing and decorating the villa with fine furnishings. Each room's aesthetics is meticulously planned, with elegance, luxury, and simplicity all blending together within.

Concerning The Developer:

An uncommon kind of coral called Harrisoni La Mer Villas by Almal Investments may be found in the Persian Gulf. These organisms possess an unmatched beauty; they are enigmatic, elusive, and self-sufficient.

Similar to how the distinctive homes of Harrisoni La Mer are the only ones of their kind, no two corals in the world's waters are alike. They are exclusive, concealed from prying eyes, and only available to a select few, much like coral reefs.

Key Highlights:

  • Formerly unachievable degree of seclusion, luxury, and indulgence.
  • Luxurious Villas on Dubai's exclusive island neighborhood.
  • The interior decor of the homes is equally amazing, using high-end furnishings to create a stimulating atmosphere.

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