About Meraas

Established in 2007, Meraas, a prominent Dubai-based holding company, stands as a cornerstone in the city's development landscape. The company, under the ownership of H.E. Abdulla Ahmed Al Habbai, has been a driving force in shaping urban environments with a vision that extends beyond mere construction.

Meraas is dedicated to fostering an active, urban, and healthy lifestyle through its diverse range of projects. Their commitment to contemporary and modern infrastructure is evident in iconic developments like City Walk, The Beach, Boxpark, Last Exit, The Outlet Village, and Kite Beach, all thoughtfully designed to encourage outdoor activities.

Venturing into various sectors such as dining, retail, leisure and entertainment, hospitality, and health, Meraas has left an indelible mark on Dubai's cityscape. Their portfolio boasts well-known destinations that have become synonymous with recreation and leisure.

Adding to their illustrious lineup, Meraas continues to redefine luxury with their latest real estate endeavors, including Bluewaters Island, Jumeira Bay, Pearl Jumeira, and La Mer. These exclusive projects embody the epitome of opulence, contributing to Dubai's status as a global luxury destination.

Behind Meraas's success are dedicated and committed workers who promise not only the highest quality in their projects but also a swift turnaround, all executed with a touch of elegance within impressive master plans. Meraas remains at the forefront of development, seamlessly blending innovation, lifestyle, and luxury to create enduring spaces that reflect the vibrancy of Dubai's cosmopolitan culture.





Meraas Projects

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