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LIV Developers, a prominent real estate development firm with roots dating back to its establishment in 2000, proudly calls Dubai its home base. Originating in the bustling cities of Los Angeles and New York, where it garnered acclaim for its construction of high-end properties, LIV Developers has seamlessly transitioned to the dynamic landscape of Dubai's real estate market. At the helm of LIV Developers stands Latif Habib, a visionary CEO renowned for his strategic leadership and unwavering commitment to excellence. Assisting him in steering the company towards greater heights is Ishan Khwaja, the esteemed director known for his keen insights and industry expertise. In a significant milestone for the company, 2018 marked the debut of LIV Developers in Dubai's real estate scene with the launch of their inaugural project, LIV Residence, nestled in the vibrant enclave of Dubai Marina. This flagship endeavor exemplifies the hallmark of LIV Developers' dedication to crafting exceptional living spaces that seamlessly blend luxury and comfort. The fruition of their meticulous planning and relentless dedication came to fruition by May 2020 when LIV Residence was successfully delivered, standing as a testament to the company's commitment to timely delivery and quality craftsmanship. With every detail meticulously curated, LIV Residence now stands as an inviting haven, ready to welcome residents seeking unparalleled living experiences. Looking ahead, LIV Developers envisions a future dotted with ambitious residential projects across Dubai's most prestigious locales. From the verdant expanse of Emirates Hills to the vibrant pulse of Business Bay, the pristine shores of Pearl Jumeirah, and the bustling community of Downtown Jebel Ali, each endeavor promises to redefine modern living and set new benchmarks in luxury real estate.

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