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IRTH embodies the essence of heritage, with its roots in the heart of vibrant Dubai. As part of a prestigious local family group, our privately held real estate investment platform draws strength from over a century of heritage.

At IRTH, our foundation is built on three core values: Trust, Strength and Agility. These principles serve as our guides, driving us forward as a leading player in the field of real estate investment. We are proudly one of the UAE's elite establishments, a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Our impact is further enhanced through strategic partnerships with prestigious local and international hospitality brands, raising our profile and enriching our portfolio. With an unwavering dedication towards investing, IRTH paves the way for a variety of property ventures. Our footprint is set to expand across both the dynamic landscape of Dubai and international horizons. As we move forward, our legacy remains intertwined with the enduring values of confidence, strength and agility.

IRTH's visionary founders, the Alshamsi family, have sown the seeds of a legacy that continues to flourish. Our story is one of resilience, growth, and the tireless pursuit of excellence.

Creation of heritage sites, and the creation of historical sites is the main development objective of IRTH. Every project undertaken by IRTH is a pleasant blend of creative insight and Careful planning. We discover the most iconic corners of vibrant cities Opportunities to transform urban landscapes into thriving, beautiful areas. Our dedication to excellence guides us as we bring these select spaces to life, Breathtaking works of art.

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