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Having been established in 2003, Fakhruddin Properties is a well-known company providing end-to-end property solutions for property development, management, and brokerage. Our global portfolio of residential and commercial projects in Uganda, the UK, and the UAE has been rapidly expanding.

Creating healthy living environments for everybody is something we take very seriously, regardless of the size of the flat. Our home spaces are designed with sustainability and the environment in mind, providing surroundings that support people in reducing their daily carbon footprints.

Modern, intelligent automation technologies are used throughout the structures to optimize convenience and reduce energy consumption; solar and wind energy technology is widely and steadily being used to satisfy energy demands.

With a large portfolio of properties under administration, we effectively serve a global clientele of real estate owners in the United Arab Emirates. Fakhruddin Properties International gives its clients exceptional returns on investment by combining property management and real estate development in a unique method.

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