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Eng. Abdulrahman Alkoheji isn't just the CEO of Esnad Management and a respected member of the Bahrain Chamber of Industry and Commerce; he's a visionary leader who is actively shaping the future of real estate in the GCC. With a deep understanding of both the technical intricacies of construction and the developer's perspective, honed through his engineering education and extensive property development experience, he is driven by an unwavering passion to elevate the industry's standards.

His impact extends far beyond his impressive title. Under his leadership, Esnad Management has blossomed into the largest property management company in Bahrain, expertly handling the daily operations of over 3,000 units. This remarkable achievement stands as a testament to his strategic acumen, operational excellence, and commitment to providing exceptional service.

But Eng. Alkoheji's ambition doesn't stop there. He actively contributes to the Bahrain Chamber of Industry and Commerce, lending his expertise and insights to shape policies and initiatives that benefit the entire sector. His dedication to collaboration and knowledge-sharing fuels the growth and progress of the real estate industry not just in Bahrain, but across the GCC.

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