About Ennismore

Ennismore is a global hospitality company known for its innovative and experiential approach to luxury accommodations. Founded in 2012 by entrepreneur Sharan Pasricha, Ennismore quickly made a name for itself by redefining the concept of hospitality through its unique blend of design, culture, and community.

The company's portfolio includes a diverse range of properties, from boutique hotels to members' clubs and co-working spaces, each infused with Ennismore's signature style and commitment to creating memorable experiences for guests. Notable brands under the Ennismore umbrella include The Hoxton, a series of chic and affordable hotels with locations in major cities around the world, and Gleneagles, a historic Scottish estate renowned for its luxury accommodations and world-class golf courses.

Ennismore's success can be attributed to its emphasis on creativity, authenticity, and sustainability. The company takes pride in collaborating with local artisans and craftsmen to incorporate elements of the surrounding community into its properties, ensuring that each location has its own distinct identity and sense of place.





Ennismore Projects

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