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Emerging from a collaborative spirit, East And West Properties stands as a testament to the combined strengths of industry giants - The Asyad Group, Lamar Holding, and the Wisayah Investment Company (IMCO). This unique venture brings together their extensive expertise, robust resources, and unwavering commitment to excellence, shaping a new landscape for real estate development.

Each partner infuses East & West with distinct strengths. The Asyad Group, a prominent player in Oman's logistics and maritime sector, lends its unwavering stability and strategic vision. Lamar Holding, renowned for its innovative and diverse investments, injects a spirit of dynamic growth and market foresight. The Wisayah Investment Company (IMCO), a leader in financial management and investment, ensures financial acumen and meticulous planning.

This interwoven tapestry of expertise empowers East & West to undertake a wider range of projects, spanning residential, commercial, and mixed-use developments. By leveraging the collective experience and resources of its esteemed shareholders, East & West is poised to deliver exceptional value to stakeholders, redefine industry standards, and leave a lasting mark on the communities it serves.

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