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About Al Seeb Real Estate Development

Al Seeb Developers brings luxurious lifestyle to every doorstep. With a strong belief in providing world-class service, top realtors and a selection of affordable locations, our professionalism and practical approach translates into projects that envision the future of real estate. Over the last 29 years, we have built a legacy based on our reputation of delivering excellence in residential projects, hotels, shopping malls and commercial spaces.

Embodying the vision of the parent company, Al Safeer Group (www.safeergroup.com), the founding Chairman and CEO, Mr. J.P. The team of 3500 professionals under the aegis of Kalwani ensures unmatched commitment.

The portfolio spans across retail, shopping malls, food outlets, real estate, furniture, manufacturing, advertising, trading and more. Protecting value for money, the client's investment is ensured through our technical know-how, "behind the scenes" efficiency, market research and competitive pricing.

The development modules include luxurious homes, best value for money hotels, consumer friendly shopping malls and effective commercial spaces. A clear understanding of demand helps us create spaces that match the lifestyle of our people. Redefining experiences, each space is designed to be personal, warm and accessible with attention to detail.

Culturally rooted, technologically driven and passionately conceived, each project achieves the highest levels of quality. From envisioning to brainstorming and finally executing, Al Seeb transforms the future into the present.

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