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Welcome to R.Evolution, the developer and creative force of AIVA – a high-end boutique real estate developer from Europe. We have been creating architectural masterpieces for over 24 years.

Across residential, office, hotel, and infrastructure properties and in cities from Riga to Barcelona and Dubai to Berlin, R.Evolution has brought a unique approach and DNA to real estate development. Each of our projects has a revolutionary approach, designed to be an integral part of developed real estate in its host city. For us, architecture is not just aesthetics and functionality, it is also an important component of a city's image – one that will leave a mark on its history for decades to come. Since we are aware of this long-term impact, we are always motivated to search for unconventional and innovative solutions.

At their heart is a clear conceptual idea, which reveals and emphasizes the symbiosis of architectural space and interior design. Thus, we are equal parts courageous dreamers and intellectual developers. We don't just design and build with traditional methods. Instead, we blend ancient science, spirituality, a curious mind, and limitless imagination. And we do so with unmatched passion – for the well-being of people, for the sacred, for philosophies and places.

Our mission as a developer is to create a universe full of awareness and gratitude, happiness and opportunity by using the ancient wisdom of human nature and the latest achievements of the modern world to develop and enhance the potential of people and companies.

Our secret ingredient in 5 dimensions with 7 senses, is our company motto. It takes us through all stages of project implementation. Real estate development flows in 4 dimensions – 3 physical and one time. But we build in 5 dimensions – we add our dimensions, woven from the personal values and assessments, views, and unique perceptions of our target audience's lives. To feel it, to get involved, you need to subtly understand how one or another target audience thinks before the building is put into operation and at each location thereafter.





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